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Amber Lee & family in the chill shirts; soft fashionable shirts with a positive message of faith

How did ALTR Apparel start?

My name is Amber Lee and I am a self-proclaimed T-Shirt snob. For years I wondered, "Why does a shirt have to feel crunchy like cardboard and be so cheap?" The moment I discovered the world of soft, fashionable shirts, I had to share it! I didn't have an elaborate plan, I simply had the desire to create clothing that feels good, looks good and has an encouraging message with a unique design. 

I  taught  art  for  a  few  years,  then  worked  from  home  on  various  graphic  design  projects  which  eventually  developed  into  an  art  studio  in  my  home.  All  over  a  period  of  20  years!  Whoa.

It  all  comes  down  to  wanting you to feel rad when you wear my apparel and know that it‘s more than just a shirt.

Take my talent of art, my gift of encouragement, mix it with my heart for serving the Lord and others, and you get ALTR Apparel. Everything is designed and printed by me using my handwriting or drawing. It's a part of me I'm sharing with you. Everything I create is soaked in my prayers...I ask the Lord to guide and bless your steps so you can have the faith to live a radical life for Him.  Plus, your purchase from our online clothing store is supporting advocacy for creative kids and non-profit projects that you can read more about here

having a blast wearing the rad shirts; soft fashionable shirts with positive messages of faith & fun

What is the name “ALTR” about?

ALTR originally came from my initials "Amber Lee" with my sister's "Tyler Rae." Of course it was cool that it sounds the same as "altar" and everything we do is for the Lord. I had added a Bible reference to connect our work as giving to the altar of the Lord and worship to Him (Rev 16:7). She and I created several projects together but designing isn't her love so instead she choose to go into nursing. She's kicking bootay in nursing school (way to go Ty!) and I kept the name and the reference combo (ALTR167) then simplified it to ALTR Apparel. I’ve been creating custom shirts for years so it just made sense to make it about the apparel.

I had considered changing it several times because I didn't want it to be a representation of my name...I wanted there to be more to it. One day as I walked out to my car I asked the Lord, "What do YOU want? Do you want me to change the name or should I keep it ALTR? I just want to glorify you in whatever it is." As soon as I turned on the car, the radio came on with this song by Elevation Worship: "Come to...the altar...the Father's arms are open wide..." Uh! Okay!! I'm keeping it!! But I didn't have anything that the A-L-T-R could stand for and ran so many ideas back and forth.

Soft creative unique apparel with positive messages of faith and fun handmade with handwriting

What’s in a name?

You're probably asking why I cared so much about the name. It makes an impression and with good intentions people would share other online clothing stores with me mentioning the cute name they have. I had to stay with what felt like was authentic to me and not copy anyone else...I kept it even though I didn’t have something “catchy” to go with it...yet.

Along the way, I began realizing how important it is for me as a local business to be an advocate for creative kids and provide them with the support and opportunities similar to what I had growing up (which you can see more about here) so I wanted to come up with a way for ALTR to fit that. It wasn't clicking how to connect the two. I want to do more with my gift of encouragement.

I am Blessed, Rad, Thankful; soft handmade custom designed high quality apparel with my handwriting

Divinely inspired!

One (seemingly) random morning, I was praying and doing this Bible study and it just came to me like a light from Heaven shone down on the moment...what do I really want? What is important to me?

A Life That's Radical. 

Radical for Jesus. 

Radical for others. 

Oh my gish!! Yass!! How fun is that and I love it!

I want to do more with the creative kid advocacy after school program I created and have resources for prayer and encouragement. I am creating classes where I will be teaching creative entrepreneurship and supporting local businesses! Of course I need a way to fund the projects I have lined up. My hope and prayer is that people can get behind my custom shirts by supporting my online clothing store. It will allow me a way to continue with these ideas which I believe is part of my radical life while encouraging others to do the same.

Thankful shirt and fleece sweater unique apparel with positive messages handmade with handwriting

What different does it all make?

So we are left with this: how can we live A Life That's Radical? Using our God-given gifts and talents to help others and love them the way God loves us.

That's just one way. But it's a big way.

Jesus was radical. Not just a super cool dude, but he was far out (haha). It's true. He was dynamic and kind. He was so unlike the religious leaders because of His crazy amazing grace and love instead of the critically perfect box of the Law that no human could fully follow. He made a way for people to realize who they were created to be and they were inspired. He was love. Sacrifice. Radical. He made an impression on those around him to the point they couldn't (and didn't want to) stop sharing their experience with Him. Wow.

Soft creative unique apparel with positive messages of faith fun love, handmade with handwriting

A Life that’s radical

I want people to be inspired. Encouraged. Changed. So much that they recognize who they are, whose they are, and what their God-designed mark is for the world that they can't stop telling others what God is doing in their lives.

So ALTR Apparel is custom shirts that help people feel joy. It's about inspiring others to be radical for their calling and their Creator. It's my banner. 

I want to live A Life That’s Radical and leave my God-given mark on this world.

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