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What is Fine Arts University?

Fine Arts University is an after school art program designed to partner with local creative professionals who guide students in an experience in the creative arts. FAU begins with the FAU 1001 Intro to Art program which is a 6 week program that began in 2016 by Amber Lee.

The students learn they are created by the Creator to be creative. They learn about their gifts, are encouraged to put their gifts to use and learn the potential for them to be productive citizens as creative professionals now and in the future.

The Fine Arts University program is currently offered to elementary students through local school's PTA after school programs and is expanding in the North Dallas area with plans to become a National Program (see more about the future plans for FAU ).

Why did you create FAU?

Both of my kids are creative, intelligent and gifted in their unique ways. When my daughter began Kindergarten, I noticed that her school experience was not encouraging her in her creative abilities, but, in several ways, discouraging her to be who she was created to be. 

In 2016, I was able to serve as the VP of Programs position with our PTA and decided to start something to fill in the creative arts gaps I saw in her education. I was inspired and moved to action by my daughter's and other students' struggle as young elementary students to feel valued for their gifting while trying to learn. I decided to call it Fine Arts University, with the intention to expand the program to be offered all year and have in-depth creative arts study through after school education. Eventually I'd like to see the daily curriculum enhanced to meet the learning needs of these creative kids as well which I outline more on the "future plans" page.

What areas of fine arts are taught?

The 1001 Intro to Art class of FAU is truly that; each student gets 1 hour after school as an intro to the following areas of fine art:

Dance Choreography

Video Production/Drama


Visual Arts


Music and Creative Writing

Each week we introduce a new subject where students learn the basics taught by local professionals in their specific area of study and are then encouraged to continue with our local artists and professionals in the areas that interest them. Basically like a mini and extremely condensed version of the first year of art school. Then they can take the next level of classes offered through FAU which continues to partner with local artists. 

To see how you can join me or support what I'm doing, see more on the Support FAU page.

How can my student enroll?

Students may enroll at their  local school's PTA website. If your school is not offering Fine Arts U, please email me at and I will work with your local school to add this program to their offering. 

We will soon be offering more specific programs of study that you can enroll your artist in through our website, so stay in touch to be one of the first to have access to this expanding program.

what else do you offer?

I have curriculum and plans for varying levels of the Fine Arts U program in the areas mentioned above so that students can dive deeper into that study many years before they enter higher education. I am partnering with local creatives to design more specific programs for those students who have an area of art they are interested in.

As an example, I have a FAU 2001 Fashion Design course that is in the launch phase where students will learn about fashion, design their own fabric, then work with a local fashion and costume designer to create their own piece with their custom fabric. These students have taken the FAU 1001 Intro to Art and want to learn more.

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