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Future plans for Fine Arts U

Fine Arts University began with big plans and a vision for a future impact beyond my kids' local school. 

Here are few plans I have in mind:

  • Expand to multiple elementary schools, cities and states with the 1001 Courses of Fine Arts U
  • Create multiple class levels, just like Universities, so that students can dive deeper into their interests before starting higher education
  • Have classes and camps that provide smaller student:teacher ratios so that creative kids can have a more curated experience
  • Partner with local professional creatives who have a passion for kids and creativity, allowing them to teach multiple classes and expand their own businesses
  • Create jobs for creatives allowing them to be paid for their passion
  • Partner with sponsors who provide supplies for the students, such as national brands like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's Fabrics, and other local art businesses
  • Have a scholarship fund to provide for  students who cannot afford the class and allow a discounted rate to Title 1 schools
  • Have a podcast to share the stories of creatives, their experiences in school and what they do as professional artists
  • Provide education and resources for parents and teachers to further understanding and support of the creative kid
  • See curriculum changed in schools to meet the learning needs of creative kids

want to support FAU?

We are created for community. I may have a vision for what this program can become that I believe God put on my heart and designed me to accomplish. BUT, I recognize that my gifting is in a couple of areas and the only way to accomplish this large and exciting vision is to partner with you in some way. I know I need help and believe the only for this to be successful is in community.

I want to help!