ways to support fine arts university

purchase apparel

purchase shirts and gifts to help contribute to our program

Purchases from ALTR Apparel help fund Fine Arts U (unless noted as a fundraiser for other causes). By buying shirts and gifts, you are helping further creative

kid education programs.

use your gifts

use your creative talents and abilities to serve with our creative kid program

Are you a creative professional? Maybe you work another job but your passion is in the creative arts and you'd like a way to do that full time. I'd love to partner with you! Contact me and let's see if being a FAU " Creative Profesher" is a fit for you!


Volunteers help make creative kids successful

Do you have a passion for art and kids but not sure how to help? I am always looking for art-loving volunteers who want to come make the program a success. There are plenty of ways to volunteer!

Share With others

help us spread the word through our community on social media and other methods

We are created for community and it's the best way to use our gifts, alongside others and with support. In order to help more creative kids, we need to get the word out! Help by simply sharing this website or sharing posts from social media platforms. 

give to Fine Arts University

Your financial support and contributions will enable FAU to meet goals and create scholarships for students who cannot afford the programs offered. Your generous donation will give creative kids the support and value they need to be creative professionals and contributing citizens.

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